Reaction Details
1.0Thumb+2.0Thumb+2.0IscS with bound sulfur+1.0IscU with bound [2Fe-2S] cluster1.0Thumb+6.0Thumb+2.0IscS sulfur acceptor protein+1.0IscU with two bound [2Fe-2S] clusters
1.0FADH2 + 2.0Iron + 2.0IscS with bound sulfur + 1.0IscU with bound [2Fe-2S] cluster → 1.0FAD + 6.0Hydrogen ion + 2.0IscS sulfur acceptor protein + 1.0IscU with two bound [2Fe-2S] clusters
  • b3807 and b2530 and b2529
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  • Orth, J. D., Conrad, T. M., Na, J., Lerman, J. A., Nam, H., Feist, A. M., Palsson, B. O. (2011). "A comprehensive genome-scale reconstruction of Escherichia coli metabolism--2011." Mol Syst Biol 7:535. Pubmed: 21988831