Name:Autonomous glycyl radical cofactor
Synonyms:Not Available
Gene Name:grcA
Enzyme Class:Not Available
Biological Properties
General Function:Involved in catalytic activity
Specific Function:Acts as a radical domain for damaged PFL and possibly other radical proteins
Cellular Location:Not Available
SMPDB Pathways:Not Available
KEGG Pathways:Not Available
KEGG Reactions:
EcoCyc Reactions:
ECMDB000052-Ketobutyric acidMetaboCard
ECMDB01423Coenzyme AMetaboCard
ECMDB00142Formic acidMetaboCard
ECMDB00243Pyruvic acidMetaboCard
GO Classification:
catalytic activity
metabolic process
Gene Properties
Gene OrientationCounterclockwise
Centisome Percentage:58.50
Left Sequence End2714088
Right Sequence End2714471
Gene Sequence:
>384 bp
Protein Properties
Pfam Domain Function:
Protein Residues:127
Protein Molecular Weight:14284
Protein Theoretical pI:5
Signaling Regions:
  • None
Transmembrane Regions:
  • None
Protein Sequence:
>Autonomous glycyl radical cofactor
External Links:
Uniprot ID:P68066
Uniprot Name:GRCA_ECOLI
GenBank Gene ID:AP009048
Genebank Protein ID:85674687
Ecogene ID:EG11784
Kegg Gene:b2579
EchoBASE ID:EB1732
General Reference:
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